Written by Elizabeth Hannan:

Creating Seamless Loops – Designing Music NOW

Loops are the basic building blocks used to create many video game soundtracks. They are a critical part of interactive music because they allow scores to adapt to any length of play time. The average person may take three minutes to complete a specific game level but the score still needs to sound flawless for the player who spends eight extra minutes exploring. Loops allow a short amount of music to last as long as necessary. This makes writing seamless loops a mandatory …

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Written about Elizabeth Hannan

Ghostwriter Wins an Emmy – Sarnia Journal

“Elizabeth Hannan was attending an event in Toronto a couple of years ago when she just happened to meet another woman from Sarnia…”

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Pitch Perfect – The London Yodeller

“All her life Elizabeth Hannan has been propelling herself in the right direction” Optimism, confidence, passion. Who could ask for anything more? Well, Elizabeth Hannan carries a quiver loaded with the above attributes, but she also owns other qualities that are likely to guide her toward her goal of making a life as a …

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